Friday, February 16, 2018

New Book Coming This Spring:

Miracle in Madagascar presents the unprecedented growth of Christianity on the Island of Madagascar. In an age when Christianity is in decline in the West, traditional, liturgical, historical Christianity is growing by leaps and bounds, especially in the Malagasy Lutheran Church in Madagascar (See below).

We've believed for years, ever since first hearing this phenomenal story in I Am Not Afraid, written by Rev. Dr. Robert H. Bennett, that this is THE most important news story the world needs to hear, this powerful move of Jesus to drive out demons simply when believers command them to depart in His Name. It truly sets the biblical stage for a miracle in Madagascar. To the people who are healed of depression, and other spiritual as well as physical maladies, also healed at His Name, by their Toby/holistic health care system.

Churches there, specifically Lutheran churches, start weekly and quickly grow into the thousands. We are interviewing Pastor Denis Rakotozafy (right), one of the leaders of the Malagasy Lutheran Church, a pastor who is one of four pastors in a church of over 10,000 members, and who is currently at Concordia Theological Seminary, in Fort Wayne, finishing his Ph.D. in Missiology. 

Miracle in Madagascar presents Pastor Rakotozafy's reports as a witness to the explosion of Christianity on the island.

We are also collecting stories from young Lutherans there, like Fandresena Mbolatiana Rakotozafy (below, left), daughter of Pastor Denis and Tina Rakotozafy:

 And we are also interviewing Prisca Arinomentsoanandrianina (below), currently in America finishing her Master's degree, and her fiance, Enoka Jaona (pictured with Prisca), to get the youth perspective:

Pastor Denis Rakotozafy has been praying for years to make a documentary about his church, and we are also working with the Outreach Committee of St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Spring Lake, MI, on a camera drive initiative to help his prayers come to fruition:


There appear to be 3 main reasons, in a nutshell, why the Malagasy Lutheran Church in Madagascar (one of the fastest growing Lutheran churches) is also one of "the most important Christian churches in Madagascar" (Wikipedia).

1. When the evil queen kicked out westerners, they had only the Bible and The Book of Concord (Luther's writings). Here's some quick history, below, from Pastor Denis: 

"When King Radama died in 1828, his successor, Queen Ranavalona, reverses all policies.
Most of the Europeans are expelled, the newly baptized Christians are persecutedsome 200 are
killedand by 1835 a formal ban of the Christian religion is enforced.
Her reign was a time of rebellions, wars and brutality. Upon her death in 1861, son Radama II
assumes leadership and reopens the island to European involvement."

2. The Toby/holistic system of health care, which takes into account all facets of a person, mind, soul, body and spirit. This, per Prisca, when asked if the Toby system is solely Lutheran:

Yes, but nowadays, the FJKM or Reformed church and some Roman Catholic churches are starting to practice it. There are also a lot of sects who are practicing it and it's very confusing sometimes.

3. Driving out demons, Jesus is moving IN POWER there like nowhere else. And, it's specifically Lutheran (in comparison to the Catholic Church, which depends on the faith of the priest for exorcisms, and the Baptist/non-denominational branches, which ask the name of the unclean spirit).

This video of adjunct seminary professor and Luther Academy Executive Director, Rev. Dr. Robert H. Bennett, shows an example, of how the woman is freed by Jesus, simply by believers repeating, "I command you to depart in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth," until she is willing to pray in His Name.

- Why Should I Care? -

A picture is worth a thousand words - can you guess which book is  about the American Church, and which is about the Malagasy Lutheran Church?

Watch Dr. Bennett speak about his LCMS doctrinally approved academic books about spiritual warfare on SkyWatch TV.